About Gold & Joy

About Gold & Joy

This is where I tell my stories – crafting the darkness & the light, trying to make & keep a record of my journey through this human life. I do this through words and through photographs. This is this journal of the moments I live and the art I create.

I’m a twenty-something from Pittsburgh, PA who has lived in Bellingham, WA & Saint Louis, MO. I currently reside in Birmingham, AL because my husband, Edward, is attending medical school here. He’s an M2 right now we’ll be moving to Montgomery, AL in May for his M3 & M4 years. After that – who knows where for residency. I really, really hope it’s somewhere we both like living.

In college I studied Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Creative Writing at Washington University in St Louis. I didn’t quite finish my degree because I had to take a lot of medical leaves of absence but I learned a lot and met a few pretty awesome people.

I really want to live in Santa Fe someday, the southwestern landscape inspires me and I feel like my favorite version of myself in it.

We have two dogs – Sam & Lena – a great dane & a chihuahua mix who you will see on this blog a lot. I also have a lot of houseplants. I love photography, playing around with collaging, caffeine, acroyoga, burning incense, reading, video calling with my friends who are in other parts of the country, urban jungles, writing & letting fresh air into our apartment.



First Anniversary & Recent Shenanigans

Edward & I had a great first anniversary. We started our day separately – I went shopping with a friend to buy a few things I’d been needing. Then when I got home he surprised me with flowers, a love letter & take-out from one of my favorite restaurants. Together we started writing something we’ve been referring to as our “Story of Us.” It’s fun to remember things from our history together. We went and had a couples massage after it got dark and ended the night in a giant jetted bathtub with some champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. It really was a wonderful day – we are going to have a hard time topping it in years to come.

Yesterday we tried acroyoga together for the first time. I love it – the combination of trust, teamwork, exercise, novelty & playfulness. We only did a little because Edward has been working out at the gym lately and his legs were a little weak from all the exercises he’s been doing, but it was great fun.


Alabama: Year One

Alabama: Year One

It’s been such a year and I’d venture to say it has been the best one I’ve had so far. I wrote this post almost one year ago about our first month in Alabama together (Edward lived here while growing up before moving to Saint Louis where we met) so I thought it would be fun to go back now and tell some of the stories of what’s happened since then. I am going to be in Alabama for another three years – one more year in Birmingham, then two years in Montgomery. I’m in a really positive place and am genuinely excited about the future, instead of mostly afraid of it, which is a really nice change of pace.

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Moving to Alabama: The First Month

Moving to Alabama: The First Month

July 2016

We left Saint Louis on the 4th of July, a little later in the day than we’d planned because the last bit of packing and loading the cars took longer than expected. We set off fireworks the night before in the streets behind our apartment building and had a few drinks with friends. We went to a diner with John, our good friend and one of our roommates for our last months in Saint Louis. The delivery truck hadn’t gotten to the diner so they were out of almost everything and I just ate buttery grits in a nod to my new Southern life to come. John is wonderful, he’s one of my oldest friends and is actually how Edward and I met all of those years ago. Saying goodbye to him was hard. We hugged and he kissed my forehead like he does before we got into our cars and drove off, waving and honking our horns in farewell.

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