About Gold & Joy

This is where I tell my stories – crafting the darkness & the light, trying to make & keep a record of my journey through this human life. I do this through words and through photographs. This is this journal of the moments I live and the art I create.

I’m a twenty-something from Pittsburgh, PA who has lived in Bellingham, WA & Saint Louis, MO. I currently reside in Birmingham, AL because my husband, Edward, is attending medical school here. He’s an M2 right now we’ll be moving to Montgomery, AL in May for his M3 & M4 years. After that – who knows where for residency. I really, really hope it’s somewhere we both like living.

In college I studied Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Creative Writing at Washington University in St Louis. I didn’t quite finish my degree because I had to take a lot of medical leaves of absence but I learned a lot and met a few pretty awesome people.

I really want to live in Santa Fe someday, the southwestern landscape inspires me and I feel like my favorite version of myself in it.

We have two dogs – Sam & Lena – a great dane & a chihuahua mix who you will see on this blog a lot. I also have a lot of houseplants. I love photography, playing around with collaging, caffeine, acroyoga, burning incense, reading, video calling with my friends who are in other parts of the country, urban jungles, writing & letting fresh air into our apartment.



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