February 4th – 15th 2018: Avoiding My Annual Late January Through Mid-March Depression

February 4th – 15th 2018: Avoiding My Annual Late January Through Mid-March Depression

I am still playing around with this new (to me) medium of collage. I buy two giant books on collage in modern art but don’t open them because I know myself & I am afraid if I see really amazing & powerful collages by artists who are far more talented, experienced & patient than I am my inner perfectionist will appear and I’ll become discouraged. All I want from this new medium right now is to experiment and allow myself to be playful, to try something different than my usual taking and editing of photographs. So the books remain wrapped in their plastic under all the magazines I am carefully cutting my way through. Continue reading “February 4th – 15th 2018: Avoiding My Annual Late January Through Mid-March Depression”

Cycles: Connecting & Disconnecting

Cycles: Connecting & Disconnecting

We run away to the beach for a weekend after Edward finishes an exam. Everything is great – we are an easy walk from the ocean waves, we can see them from our AirBNB’s balconies during the day. We eat delicious food. I learn I love calzones. We watch documentaries curled up on the sofa at night. I buy a large mason jar with a little garden in it – an aloe plant, a baby cactus shaped like a pincushion, an air plant, a chunk of crystal quartz – at a quirky beachside pottery shop. We walk along the beach. Lena loves the beach – she runs in circles in the soft white sand, kicking it up behind her, avoiding the waves. I worry about her getting older sometimes, how she’s gotten a bit less nimble, and it’s great to see her running full tilt here and truly enjoying herself. We feel like us again for the first time in a while. We’re on the same page. Then on the last day while we’re walking on the beach Edward starts telling me how hard the next few months will probably be, how stressed and busy he is going to be because his Step 1 exam is coming up in April and he needs to study study study for that on top of his usual brutal schedule of medical school quizzes & exams. I start to crumble thinking about the months ahead too. Continue reading “Cycles: Connecting & Disconnecting”

Southwest Trip Photos Become Collages

I had a bunch of photographs from our road trip last summer hanging in our kitchen but tonight I decided to take them all down & turn some of them into collages. I wrote on collages for the first time. Only on a scrap of paper on the first, because I was afraid of ruining it, then I decided to risk it and went a bit too heavy-handed with writing directly all over the third.


I’m trying my hand at a new medium.

Photography has started to feel a bit stale to me and I’ve completely lost interest in my most recent passion, fashion photography, so I am trying my hand at collage. Here are two that I made last night. It’s scary to try a new medium when one has been “your medium” for so long – you have to accept that you won’t be great at it (you might even be really bad at it at first lol) but without new experiences & playfulness my creativity dies so here are two collages I made last night. Photography rather ironically crept back into this process because the collages were too big to fit in my scanner. I’m just letting myself enjoy the playfulness of trying a new creative pursuit and not letting my (rather loud) inner critic win. I like working with materials with my hands for a change.




First Anniversary & Recent Shenanigans

Edward & I had a great first anniversary. We started our day separately – I went shopping with a friend to buy a few things I’d been needing. Then when I got home he surprised me with flowers, a love letter & take-out from one of my favorite restaurants. Together we started writing something we’ve been referring to as our “Story of Us.” It’s fun to remember things from our history together. We went and had a couples massage after it got dark and ended the night in a giant jetted bathtub with some champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. It really was a wonderful day – we are going to have a hard time topping it in years to come.

Yesterday we tried acroyoga together for the first time. I love it – the combination of trust, teamwork, exercise, novelty & playfulness. We only did a little because Edward has been working out at the gym lately and his legs were a little weak from all the exercises he’s been doing, but it was great fun.